REBORN - Iran Freedom Movement 2017

This year I am going back to the UN to perform "Reborn", and original movement-based piece inspired by the ongoing fight for freedom in Iran.

The event will be held on September 20th by the Iran Freedom Movement on the occasion the UN General Assembly. It is directed by Shashwat Gupta, alongside Brian Rhinehart.

Wednesday, September 20th

One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 245 E 47th Street


Come through!




The Bull Of Queens

Modern Shakespeare Project is back at it!

I got to be in Brian Scanlan's new play, "The Bull Of Queens", which tells the real life tale of a bull who escaped a slaughterhouse this year in Queens, and enjoyed his freedom by trotting around Jamaica for a few hours before being killed.

It was presented at The Players Theatre Short Play Festival, and was awarded for Best Play in the festival! Bravo everyone!

The Uncounted

I am honored to have been a part of "The Uncounted", an original piece by Shashwat Gupta about Iran's 1988 massacre.

The performance, which took place outside the UN New York headquarters, was part of a rally organized by the United Nations in response to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visit to the city. Under his government, Iran has seen an increasing and frightening number of executions. At the same time as the rally, Rouhani was speaking at the United Nations General Assembly.

Check out the video!


Modern Shakespeare Project is back at it! This time, the Bard's three Henry VI plays were condensed into a two hour play, in which I will be playing Queen Margaret, and which will be opening on March 26th!

Performances are Saturday and Sunday March 26-27, and April 2-3, at 8pm, at the Lucid Body House (230 Lexington Ave).

Click here for tickets and info!